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Photo by Steffen J.
Photo by Steffen J.

This year, St. Stephen’s Cathedral—or the Stephansdom—will celebrate its 860th birthday. Located in the First District, it is the absolute epicenter of the capital. And while Stephansdom is a tourist must-see, it’s also a place of real ongoing significance for the Viennese.

As the Lenten season unfolds in Vienna, for example, the main focus of its celebration is Stephansdom. Ask a local about about the structure’s signs and faint codes. One example: the cryptic “O5″ faintly scratched on the wall of the church; this stands for the Austrian resistance movement during the Second World War.

And of course the best view of the entire city can be seen from the top of the North Tower where its crowning glory, the Pummerin, can be seen. This famous bell tolls only on special occasions, and at mid-day on Easter Sunday—for five to seven minutes—the Pummerin will ring.

Open all year-round and with no admission charge, Stephansdom sometimes holds concerts and special matinees. For information about tours, call (+43) 01-515-5237-67. Stephansdom is located on the U1 U-Bahn line, at Stephansplatz station.

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