Vienna-Bratislava by Boat

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Photo by antshez
Photo by antshez

Last Sunday the Twin City Line opened up for business after a long winter slumber. The ship connects the capital cities of Vienna and Bratislava via the Danube River three times a day. The journey takes about 75 minutes and the Twin City boats can accommodate up to 102 passengers.

The liner is not only a service to tourists but also another means of transport for locals of both cities as well as business people who would like to try an alternative to trains and cars. Ship passengers don’t have to worry about parking spaces or grumpy cab drivers—the liner takes passengers from city center to city center. Plus, the murky waters of the famous Danube afford great views along the way.

The cheapest one-way ticket costs €15 on weekdays and goes up to €17 on weekends and holidays. Kids up to two years old travel for free, and there’s a 50% reduction for children under 12. Twin City Line is also wheelchair-accessible and accepts dogs and bikes.

For the month of April, 2007, the line is offering a child-free-with-parent special. The offer is valid for all routes but can only be reserved by telephone: +43 1-588-80. For more information, please email

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5 thoughts on “Vienna-Bratislava by Boat”

  1. We (2adults and 1 daughter 2 yrs old) would like to travel to Bratislava from Vienna by boat? Do we have to buy the ticket in advance? How many cost of ticket for round trip? Where is the port in Vienna to get in to the boat? We plan to spend 2 night in Bratislava, Do we have to buy round trip ticket or buy only one way when we leave from Vienna and buy one way ticket when we back from Bratislava? Many thanks in advance.

  2. We (5 adults)would like to do a boat trip to Bratislava from Vienna on March 21th.Do you send me brochure.
    What is the round trip Prices?

    Departure times
    Best wishes

  3. We(2 adults) would like to do a boat trip to Bratislava from Vienna on June 4th… Do we need to book .. ?
    and time table please.

    Mike Piggott

  4. Hello
    I am staying in Vienna and like to take a trip by boat on the Donau
    Do you have any offer or timetabel for your ships?

    Best regards Morten R


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