Vienna cheap souvenir: Chocolates!

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Unfortunately for long-distance travelers, many of the delectable, tasty treats you’ll find in a Viennese coffee house don’t travel well. However there are some sweet exceptions: chocolates and candies. Not only do charming shops in Vienna sell a variety of bite-sized treats, but their affordable prices will hit the spot, too!

Home sweeeeeet home

Vienna’s confectioners have been pouring, filling, and forming small candies for hundreds of years. Empress Sissi, for example, was a fan of candied violets. Feline aficionados have their own “cat tongue” chocolates, while dog owners can find canine-shaped gummy candies. We won’t even mention what you can find made of marzipan!

Demel has been in the candy business for over 200 years. Located at Kohlmarkt 14, customers can watch craftsman create as they peruse delicately decorated boxes of sweet treats. Altmann and Kuhne, at Graben 30, is famous for selling tiny, hand-made chocolate horses and angels sold in beautifully designed boxes shaped like miniature chests of drawers.

Prices vary depending on chocolate type, quality, and size. Some pieces are sold 10 for €1.50, others 10 for €4. Marzipan is available for 10 pieces for €2.50. Some cookies and cake slices sell for €4 (but you’ll probably have to eat these before you get home!).

While you’re at it…

Why not commemorate Vienna’s Kaffeehaus kultur with a napkin or two? In between savoring slices of apfelstrudel, guglhupf, or sachertorte, keep your eyes peeled for napkins illustrating the names and exteriors of the cafe. Guten Appetite!

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One thought on “Vienna cheap souvenir: Chocolates!”

  1. When we were in Vienna in September I didn’t see all those sweets – maybe I did choose not too – or had eyes for other things. There is so much to see!

    …and now you show me those instead… *giggles*


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