Wandering Cheapo: Bokun Time in Dubrovnik

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Photo by sike76
Photo by sike76

When we slept with Toni Bokun and his family, the only two things separating our spotless, freshly painted double room (€45 in off season) from the Adriatic was a little stone palace—circa 1600—and a garden bursting with color.

Tomato plants, strawberries, and tulips greeted us every morning outside of our window, through open doors and past a mellow black labrador who goes by the name of Bassra.

The Bokun family house, with its eight guestrooms and three guest apartments, functioned for centuries as servant’s quarters and horse stables. Today, sparkling bathrooms, lace window treatments, and fluffy bed coverings transport the stone house to modern times.

Over wine from the family vineyard on the patio, Toni covered the rules of the house via amusing antecdotes. Our favorites? The German who picked strawberries, the American who tried to teach him Croat history, and the man who wanted a discount because there wasn’t enough hot water.

Don’t be those tourists. Allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds away from cell phones and television. While guests breath in the beauty of Dubrovnik, the Bokuns serve full breakfast for HRK35 (€4.70; $6.40, hang laundry on the line for HRK60 (€8.10; $11) a load and give out timeless smiles for free.

The Bokuns are working on a guesthouse Web site. For the time being, they can be contacted at bonitokun@yahoo.com.

Dobro došli, indeed!

Wandering Cheapo Kari Hoerchler is a blogger, budget traveller and science fiction novelist stationed on Planet Earth. She has recently been spotted on small stages of New York coffeehouses telling tall tales of a tropical island—and future vacation hot spot—in the Bermuda Triangle. Book ahead.

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