Wandering Cheapo: Don’t Sleep on Montenegro

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Photo by Uros Petrovic
Photo by Uros Petrovic

Montenegro’s tourist industry is mostly concentrated along the Adriatic coastline. This is all well and good, but as far as we’re concerned, visitors must make time to see the mountains for which the country is named.

We suggest a bus trip to Montenegro’s capital Podgorica, a place that is literally “under the mountains.” To get there, buses travel over, under, and through high mountains averaging altitudes of 1000 meters above sea level.

As buses emerge from tunnels, passengers are treated to views of seemingly endless mountains as far as the eye can see. As buses wind all the way down into the valleys, passengers see canyon chasms and the clearest turquoise of the Mora?a River winding its way along the road or train tracks. If you’re into geography, read up on the African Plate—as in plate tectonics—before visiting.

The most amazing scenery can be found along the stretch between Podgorica and Mojkovac. Start either from the north in Belgrade (train: €15) or from the south from any of Montenegro’s coastal tourist hubs at Budva, Kotor, or Bar (bus: €6).

Whichever way you go, don’t fall asleep and end up missing the scenery.

Wandering Cheapo Sunnia Ko is a wanderer at heart and primarily supports this habit as a teacher at Plovdiv University in Bulgaria. She is currently on a cross-Balkan trek from Plovdiv to Sibenik, Croatia, where she hopes to find the Adriatic as splendid and turquoise as she remembers it to be.

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  1. Also a good route is from Cetinje to Kotor, amazing road with spectacular views. I’m not sure if there are any buses that run that way. If not then hitch-hiking is very easy in Montenegro – a lot of locals do it and as long as you are sensible and preferably in a twosome then it is a great cheap way to get around. If you do the Cetinje to Kotor road then you’ll need plenty of time (early start) as there is not so much traffic on that route.


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