Wandering Cheapo: Garden Accommodation, Split

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Who made Nikola Brajevi king of Split?

Oh, that’s right. We did. A recent stay with his family at their aptly named Garden Accommodation was so beautiful, we promptly appointed ourselves subjects for life.

Located at Solurat 22, 300 meters west of Diocletian’s Palace in Veli Varos and less than 200 meters from the Adriatic sea, the Garden provides an easy respite from central Split.

We spent three nights in the “Zelena” stone cottage, for €46 per night. Our own house included a kitchen, bathroom, and private patio complete with picnic table, chairs and clothing line. Lots of love has been put into the doors, beamed ceilings, and shuttered windows, all of which were stained a rich green to match the common area just off the patio. Shared and future vacation hot spot—in the Bermuda Triangle. Book ahead.

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En junio 2000, Kari moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and never looked back...until she ran out of pesos. After another round of bank riots, the travel lady bug moved to more stable financial ground: Wall Street. (Hey, no laughing!) Currently the Listings Manager for Over There Interactive for cold, hard cash, she is also a co-author of The Maneater Murder Mystery Series and Venue Goddess for Lit Crawl NYC.

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