Wandering Cheapo: Skopje Music & Club Brief

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Photo by rainbowb
Photo by rainbowb

1980s fanatics should have been in Skopje this past weekend for a nostalgia boost. On Saturday, April 7, DJ Boy George spun at Skopje Fair’s Metropolis Arena in the Macedonian capital. Tickets for the DJ set started at an affordable MKD400 (€6.50).

Delightfully, Skopje’s live music credentials aren’t a one-off affair. Skopje’s cool kids flock to Club En Vivo Castro on Boris Kidric Street. The club’s eclectic lineup of DJs and live bands reigns supreme from Tuesday (Cuba Libre night) to Sunday (Acoustic) nights. Located right next to the train and international bus stations, Club Castro is hard to miss. Just look for the Cuban president’s unmistakable profile outside. The Club Castro cover is just MKD150 (€2.50).

Wandering Cheapo Sunnia Ko is a wanderer at heart and primarily supports this habit as a teacher at Plovdiv University in Bulgaria. She is currently on a cross-Balkan trek from Plovdiv to Sibenik, Croatia, where she hopes to find the Adriatic as splendid and turquoise as she remembers it to be.

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One thought on “Wandering Cheapo: Skopje Music & Club Brief”

  1. Skopje nightlife currently is not any best choice. Most of it is filled of Balkan Hardcore Turbo Folk music :((((

    However there are several places like Castro, Midnight which do not have these kind of musics. And the Taxirat festival this year was awesome.

    Hope to go again next year!


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