What Happened to Fly For Beans?

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A few months ago, we were waiting with bated breath for launch announcements from Fly For Beans, a new Cardiff-based low-cost carrier. It’s not that we’re impatient, exactly. It’s more that we’re wondering if the airline will ever actually lift off. FFB has the pre-launch marketing all sewn up. They’ve got a perky site full of typical low-cost carrier bravado, in a reddish hue not particularly easy on the eye, either—a sure sign that they’ve done their market research.

In a “bean blog” entry written by Director of Flight Operations Brian Bibb last week, we learned that the airline’s route map will include one destination that Mr. Bibb himself, a pilot of two decades’ standing, has never flown into. Where might said destination be? We’ve come across some completely unverifiable rumors suggesting that one or another airport in Bulgaria will appear on the FFB route map. We can only dream.

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Alex Robertson Textor

About the author: Alex Robertson Textor is a London-based travel writer and editor. He has written for Rough Guides, the New York Times, and Public Books, among other publications; he also guided the tablet magazine Travel by Handstand to two SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism awards. With Pam Mandel, he writes copy and generates ideas as White Shoe Travel Content. He is on Twitter as @textorian and maintains his own blog, www.textorian.com.

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4 thoughts on “What Happened to Fly For Beans?”

  1. The Sensible Traveler

    Like so many other start-up airlines, and start-up ferry companies, in Europe. It looks like Beanz Air has fallen into the garbage can of lost companies. I think I lost faith when I heard Captain Bipp of F4B on the radio explaing that his airline would fly into “Heathrow and other big airports in Scotland.”

  2. Looks like this new low cost airline will NOT be taking off ?
    In January 2010 advised that they will be updating site with details but now in 2011 the website has now been closed down

  3. hello i was just woundering will this airline ever get off the ground. i was given a possision with flyforbeans and i am hopeing it will still stand if u do get off the ground. hope i get a reply soon from u on whats going on many thanks lee reynolds

  4. 2 years on and this new company whicch placed such an emphasis on wantin to communicate has now gone very quiet indeed. Try clicking on accessing their latest blog entry as a good example of how things stand – you will get a “Forbidden” page – speaks volumes I think. Such a shame too as Cardiff could have done with such an airline an all those promised new routes – I guess we’ll just have to keep crossing the bridge and flying from Bristol!


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