Where to Get a Cheap Chic Manicure in Paris

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Pedicure in Paris
Professional pedicures are finally affordable and easy to find in Paris! Photo: maza34.

The first thing many American women notice when they land in Paris is the dearth of affordable nail salons on every corner like you might find in NYC or Los Angeles.

French magazines and bloggers have long extolled the joys of the American nail salon and the affordable stateside luxury that is the mani-pedi. But until recently it was hard to find an inexpensive place to get your nails done in a city obsessed with beauty.

So to try and bridge the gap between high-end, time-consuming, budget-busting Paris beauty institute manicures and so-called medical pedicures (an expensive and clinical French ritual as daunting as it sounds), a new generation of reasonably priced, NYC-inspired nail bars have popped up around the city. Here are a few of our favorites:

Culture of Color

More than 200 OPI nail colors and prices that start at €6 for a simple polish change (and start at a reasonable €21 for a manicure and €37 for a pedicure) make the sleek, modern Culture of Color a good choice. The chain also has multiple locations around the city.

Nail Factory

Decorated with polished concrete and industrial furniture in a nod to New York style, Nail Factory has three locations in Paris. They use OPI products, and polish changes start at €5, with full-on manicures from €19.90.

Paris New York

At this chic NYC-inspired nail bar at 38 rue de Varenne in the 7th arrondissement, there’s a flat screen and a wandering iPad to entertain you while you get your OPI polish changed for as low as €5. Call 01 42 84 02 39 for an appointment.

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6 thoughts on “Where to Get a Cheap Chic Manicure in Paris”

  1. I found this article most helpful as we have on our honeymoon in Europe for last three weeks. I am desperate for a polish change when we arrive in Paris.

  2. I found this article helpful, as I’m doing a study abroad in Paris and was wondering how expensive a polish change would be vs buying all of my own supplies. Thank you!

  3. les mouvements sociaux

    Yes, indeed,Lisette de Boulogne (hey, what a great name). Tourism is about more than consumption. You must be pretty well at the dead-end of living to go traveling and then stop for a manicure or pedicure.

  4. Lisette de Boulogne

    Most women in this world do not need manicures, especially when they are on the holidays. Why do American women need to look for manicures “… when they land in Paris.” This is quite silly.

    1. @Lisette: what a presumptuous statement. Do u know every woman in the world to state what they need or don’t? Speak for yourself and let the rest of the women of the world make up their own choices on what they need. Thanks!


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