Winner announced: Barcelona dog photo caption contest

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You came, you saw, you captioned, dear Cheapos. But, alas, there can only be one winner.

First, the office favorites deserve a call-out here.

From happybrowngirl: “Jesus, take the wheel!” – We admit, we’re not sure we grasp the context implied here, but we like the concept. Something about a dog so desperate and at wit’s end that he cries this out hits our funny bone where it counts.

Momo sent us, “I coulda been a star!”, a quote that made one office Cheapo nearly snort his lunchtime soup.

A couple of others that we enjoyed: “My owner wanted a cat.” (sent doggy drum roll please—is: “I can’t believe she wore stripes when I specifically told her I was wearing stripes! (sigh) People will do anything for attention.” This terrific take was sent in by withawe, who will be receiving the Rick Steve’s DVD, Italy’s Countryside (2000-2007 edition). Congrats!

A big runner-up award goes to Emily who posted, “Horizontal stripes + too many chalupas = Chubhuahua”. Don’t worry, Emily, you get a prize too. How does a Milan or Croatia tote bag sound?

For more funny chihuahua photos, check this gem out.

***And, be sure to tune in today at 20:00 BST (that’s 3 pm EST) when Tom blogs live at Europe a la Carte!

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2 thoughts on “Winner announced: Barcelona dog photo caption contest”

  1. I hearby donate my tote bag to another Hua Hua lover, wherein you can probably fit a couple of these cute pups. Or just one of the tubbo variety.

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