Bratislava Hotel Overview

Bratislava Hotel Overview - Bratislava, Slovakia

The hotel scene in Bratislava is stagnant. Our theory is that the city still draws on an Eastern bloc model of tourism. This form of tourism hasn't yet been eclipsed by a model better suited to the realities of contemporary tourism. In the model that currently prevails, impersonal, uninspired hotels designed exclusively for foreign tourists provide the benchmark.

These hotels are quite expensive yet don't, for the most part, offer exceptional amenities. Nor do they match the general cost of living index in Bratislava, where prices for everything from restaurants to taxis to cocktails to museum admission are all very reasonable.

On the other end of the scale, there are hostels, very small guesthouses, and unusual accommodations like the Doprastav dormitory-cum-hotel on offer. These are fine options for true budget travelers and backpackers, but they won't work for business travelers or weekend break visitors looking for a little style.

You can expect to spend €60 to €90 for a double for most of our listings here. Some (Downtown Backpacker Hostel) offer doubles for far less; others (Apollo, Tatra) are considerably more expensive.

Given the sheer volume of visitors arriving in Bratislava daily on budget airlines from various points in Europe, a few mid-range hotels that don't charge guests exorbitant fees for breakfast and extras like Wi-Fi would certainly be a welcome addition to an otherwise splendid and very affordable city.

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