Expect to Spend: Bratislava

Expect to Spend: Bratislava - Bratislava, Slovakia

What do things cost in Bratislava?

Apart from hotels, Bratislava continues to be an extremely budget-friendly city. General living costs in Bratislava are so much less expensive than in neighboring Austria that it is not unheard of for tourists to end up sleeping in Bratislava and taking the train into Vienna every day for sightseeing.

While Bratislava has not historically been a huge center of tourism, this is changing. The city's Austro-Hungarian charms are like a miniature version of Vienna's, and its quaint feeling lures in the tourists. Despite Slovakia's growing popularity, most costs in Bratislava remain very reasonable.

As of January 2009, Bratislava and all of Slovakia use the Euro as its common currency. Expect to see fluctuations in the exchange rate as the country’s economy continues to develop.

Hotel Rates

Hotels in Bratislava are surprisingly expensive, a product of the uneven development of the city as a tourism center. Center city hotels are divided between expensive business-class hotels and a handful of smaller guesthouses and hostels. Our general rate limit for a Bratislava double room is €110 per night, though we exceed this limit in our hotel listings in order to offer a broader listing of hotels. Our least expensive double at a Bratislava hotel costs €35 per night.

Restaurant Prices

Happily, Bratislava features plenty of restaurants and cafes with great, inexpensive food on offer. A snack at a café can be had for between €1 and €4. Most restaurant meals are priced between &2.75 and &15, and your loyal editor had one massive four-course meal at a charming, packed restaurant for &13. Try to find that in neighboring Vienna! Even splurging at the most expensive restaurants in Bratislava should not set you back more than €40.

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