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Kosicka 52, Bratislava, Slovakia

Editor's Pick
Doprastav, Bratislava

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Doubles from: $43

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The quirky Doprastav is a Slovak construction company that operates a large, imposing dormitory-style hotel designed to house workers on long-term projects. However, rooms not used for company purposes serve as a hotel for tourists.

We're well aware that Doprastav is not for everyone. It's austere, and its 25 room "sets" are divided into singles, doubles and triples, all of which are utilitarian and formulaic—they really do feel like a dormitory, basic in amenities (though they do have television). But this is the thing: We love this kind of design, from the basic and dependable furniture to the blockish socialist-modernist chairs placed on either side of a similarly socialist-modernist table. We liked the towels, emblazoned with the Doprastav corporate insignia and the tiny yellow no-nonsense bars of soap placed on them.

Room "sets" share a bathroom and are connected by an entry space with a refrigerator. This configuration may prove to be claustrophobic for many. For small groups, this arrangement may be perfect; for those traveling in ones or twos, however, this is probably not an ideal set-up

Unfortunately, Doprastav is located quite a distance from Bratislava's Staré Mesto, and as such is not the most convenient hotel in the city. It's a good 20-minute walk from Bratislava's bus station. For those looking for a bargain or an opportunity to experience a pre-1989 aesthetic, however, Doprastav may just fit the bill.

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  • Elevator
  • Reception: 24-Hour


  • Bathroom: Private
  • Cable TV


Kosicka 52
Nivy & East of Stare Mesto, Bratislava, Slovakia

Phone: +421 2 5023 0204
Fax: +421 2 5542 2594

Website: http://www.doprastav.sk

Email: recepcia@doprastav.sk

About the Doprastav neighborhood

This neighborhood stretches from Spitálska on the west to Bajkálska in the east, and is bordered on the south by the Danube and on the north by Záhradnícka. The terrain is mostly modern (Think assembly-line Eastern Bloc), though there are a few small, green parks. The city's main bus terminal is in Nivy. Hotels here are best accessed by public tram and are, admittedly, a bit more far-flung.

Doprastav, Bratislava
Doprastav, Bratislava
Doprastav, Bratislava
Doprastav, Bratislava
Doprastav, Bratislava

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