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All recommended hotels in Bratislava: 4 star hotel

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Antares, Bratislava

Address Šulekova 15 (Hrad & West)

Hotel Antares is the best-looking small hotel in Bratislava, appropriate in scale and coziness to count as a true boutique hotel.

7.8 Guest Rating



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Park Inn Danube, Bratislava, Bratislava

Address Rybné námestie 1 (Staré Mesto)

Hotel Danube is expensive, though it also has much to offer. And it is stunningly well located at the foot of Staré Mesto with views over the Danube.

7.2 Guest Rating



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Apollo Hotel Bratislava, Bratislava

Address Dulovo námestie 1 (Nivy & East of Stare Mesto)

Another business-class hotel in Bratislava, the Apollo benefits from smart decorative touches.

7.8 Guest Rating



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