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Expect to Spend in Bruges - Bruges, Belgium

Intro to Bruges

Generally speaking, Bruges is a pretty affordable city to visit. Here's our take on what you can expect to spend on hotels and meals.

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Car Rentals in Bruges

Here's a quick (vroom!) guide about the pros and cons of renting a car in Bruges, Belgium. » read more

Expect to Spend in Bruges

Generally speaking, Bruges is a pretty affordable city to visit. Here's our take on what you can expect to spend on hotels and meals. » read more

Getting Around Bruges

Bruges is a pretty easy place to get around. You'll be seeing most of the city by foot, but other options do exist and come in handy. Here's a quick overview of ways to get around Bruges.» read more

Getting Into Bruges

Whether you arrive by plane, train, or boat, it's easy to get into the lovely town of Bruges, Belgium. » read more

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Bruges Budget Tips

For starters, Bruges is a pretty affordable place for budget-conscious travelers. Hotel and B&B rates are relatively affordable, as are meal prices. But there's always an opportunity to save some euros. Here are some ways to save on your trip to Bruges.

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From our Bruges blog

Welcome to EuroCheapo, a guide dedicated to the best cheap hotels in Bruges and throughout Europe.

We spent a week inspecting and photographing the city’s small budget hotels, B&Bs and hostels, taking note of the best deals in town. Given the city’s story-book allure and the charming quality of these hotels, we were pleasantly surprised to find how affordable they can be. Let us share...

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 Want to see our favorites? Click to browse through a list of our recommended budget hotels in Bruges. Know that all of our “Editor’s Picks” are central (even in this small town!), clean and inexpensive.

To find additional ways to save on your trip to Bruges (including deals on sightseeing, cheap eats and more), check out the articles in our city guide and blog.

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