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Editor's Pick
Fevery, Bruges


3 star star

Address Collaert Mansionstraat 3 (St. Gilles)

The three-star Hotel Fevery is a sleepy charmer, located steps from St. Gilles church. We felt at home the second we strolled into the hotel.

9.1 Guest Rating

Europ Hotel, Bruges

2Europ Hotel

2 star star

Address Augustijnenrei 18 (St. Gilles)

The Europ Hotel is an old-fashioned, budget-friendly place. Conveniently situated along a canal a few blocks south of St. Gilles church, it’s in a prime location, too.

7.7 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Asiris, Bruges


2 star star

Address Lange Raamstraat 9 (St. Gilles)

The two-star Hotel Asiris faces St. Gillis Church to the south, and offers 13 basic rooms at reasonable rates. We didn’t find the rooms overly charming, but the hotel is a solid value.

8.4 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hotel de Pauw, Bruges

4Hotel de Pauw

2 star star

Address Sint-Gilliskerkhof 8 (St. Gilles)

The two-star Hotel de Pauw faces St. Gilles church on a quiet little square. Its brick façade is covered in vines and flowerboxes and six of its eight rooms face the church.

8.3 Guest Rating


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