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Cheap hotels in St. Gilles, Brussels

Brussels’ bohemian heart beats in Saint Gilles, a lovely residential district just south of the city center. Majestic mansions and elegant Art Nouveau townhouses crowd the tight web of narrow streets radiating from the church square, where a daily market is held. The slightly shady northern part, surrounding the main train station, is home to young and diverse communities.

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Les Bluets, Brussels

Address Rue Berckmans 124 (St. Gilles)

The three-star Les Bluets Hotel is more of a friendly guesthouse than it is a hotel. With its rustic charm, amiable proprietor and floral prints, Les Bluets is an ideal hotel for vacationers looking for a piece of old European charm. (It’s kind of like staying with the Belgian aunt you never had.)

8.4 Guest Rating



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Editor's Pick
Vintage Hotel, Brussels

Address Dejoncker 45 (St. Gilles)

Austin Powers would feel right at home in the groovy time capsule that is the three-star Hotel Vintage. Located a mere block from the major thoroughfare of Avenue Louise, the Vintage is an intimate boutique hotel that strikes the right balance between comfort and quirk.

8.2 Guest Rating



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Editor's Pick
The Pantone Hotel Brussels, Brussels

Address 1 Place Loix (St. Gilles)

The three-star Pantone Hotel is the only hotel in the world built according to the Pantone color categorization system. Situated on a lovely square just a few tram stops from the city center, this colorful establishment provides an affordable base for the stylish.

7.4 Guest Rating



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