Cheap hotels in Rozsadomb & Víziváros, Budapest

Budapest's Turkish history is most readily apparent in Rózsadomb ("Rose Hill" in English). The area is dotted with Hun- and Turk-era bath houses, like the 19th-century Lukács Baths and the Király bath house, built by the Turks in 1566.

Along the riverfront you'll find Margit Bridge, which leads to the expansive parks of Margit Island, and Gül Baba's Tomb, the burial site of a Bektash dervish and poet. The wide streets down here are lined with clothing shops, grocery stores and cafés, while the steeper parts of the neighborhood maintain a quiet, residential feel.

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Papillon, Budapest

Address Rózsahegy 3/b (Rozsadomb & Víziváros)

The Papillon Hotel, which sits atop a hilltop square in Buda, is perfect for visitors in search of a leafy retreat from concrete-central Pest.

7.9 Guest Rating




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Csaszar, Budapest

Address Frankel Leo u. 35 (Rozsadomb & Víziváros)

With access to multiple swimming pools and reasonable nightly rates, the Hotel Császár is a gold medal winner.

7.2 Guest Rating




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