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Alnea, Cannes


2 star star

Address 20, rue Jean de Riouffe (Centre et Croisette)

The two-star Alnea hotel features 14 rooms, all with original artwork, located near the iconic Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

8.8 Guest Rating

Appia Hotel, Cannes

2Appia Hotel

2 star star

Address 6 Rue Marceau (Centre et Croisette)

The two-star Appia is located within easy walking distance of the trendy shops on Rue d’Antibes and has 32 rooms on offer.

8.0 Guest Rating

Campanile Cannes Ouest - Mandelieu, Cannes

Address 245 avenue Francis Tonner (Mandelieu Airport)

The two-star Campanile, with 94 soundproof and air conditioned rooms, is situated a few miles west of central Cannes in La Bocca and close to Mandelieu Airport.

7.2 Guest Rating

Esperanto, Cannes


2 star star

Address 26 avenue de Lattre de Tassigny (Centre et Croisette)

The two-star Esperanto offers 12 rooms located within a ten-minute walk of the touristy Boulevard de la Croisette.

9.0 Guest Rating


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Florella Clemenceau, Cannes

Address 36 Rue Georges Clemenceau (Old Port)

Florella Clemenceau provides seven apartments in central Cannes located just a block from the Mediterranean Sea.

8.4 Guest Rating

Golden Tulip Cannes Hotel de Paris, Cannes

Address 34 Boulevard d'Alsace (Centre et Croisette)

The Golden Tulip Cannes de Paris is a three-star hotel located just steps from the lovely Boulevard de la Croisette. Housed inside a former 19th-century mansion, the hotel has 50 rooms on offer.

6.8 Guest Rating


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Hôtel Alizé, Cannes

7Hôtel Alizé

2 star star

Address 29 Rue Bivouac Napoleon (Centre et Croisette)

The two-star Hotel Alize offers 20 rooms just steps from the iconic Boulevard de La Croisette in central Cannes.

8.7 Guest Rating

Hotel Couleurs Suds, Cannes

Address 5 Rue Jean Dolfus (Old Port)

The two-star Couleurs Du Suds is situated in the Old Port area of Cannes and is less than a ten-minute walk from the Mediterranean. Seven rooms all have en suite bathrooms.

8.1 Guest Rating

Hôtel De France, Cannes

9Hôtel De France

3 star star

Address 85, Rue d'Antibes (Centre et Croisette)

Located just a few blocks from Boulevard de la Croisette and along the Rue d’Antibes shopping strip, the De France is a two-star property with 33 soundproof rooms.

8.0 Guest Rating

Hôtel de l'Olivier, Cannes

10Hôtel de l'Olivier

3 star star

Address 5 Rue des Tambourinaires (Old Port)

Villa l’Olivier is a three-star cottage property located in the Old Port area of Cannes. Twenty-one rooms are offered out of an historic building.

8.1 Guest Rating


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Hôtel de Provence, Cannes

11Hôtel de Provence

3 star star

Address 9 rue Molière (Centre et Croisette)

The three-star De Provence, located a few blocks from Boulevard de la Croisette in central Cannes, has 30 soundproof, air conditioned rooms on offer.

9.0 Guest Rating


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Hôtel P.L.M., Cannes

12Hôtel P.L.M.

2 star star

Address 3 Rue Hoche (Centre et Croisette)

The PLM is a two-star hotel located less than a five-minute walk from both the Boulevard de la Croisette and Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

7.9 Guest Rating

Hotel Schtak, Cannes

13Hotel Schtak

2 star star

Address 55, Rue d'Antibes (Centre et Croisette)

The two-star Corona Hotel is located right on the Rue d’Antibes, a major shopping street in central Cannes. It has twenty soundproof rooms on offer.

7.5 Guest Rating

Idéal Séjour, Cannes

14Idéal Séjour

2 star star

Address 6 allée du parc des vallergues (Centre et Croisette)

The Ideal Sejour is a small cottage with 16 rooms located in Cannes’ garden district of Vallon des Vallergues; it's just a short walk from the Mediterranean Sea.

8.3 Guest Rating


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Little Palace, Cannes

15Little Palace

2 star star

Address 18 Rue Du 24 août (Centre et Croisette)

The two-star Little Palace has 20 soundproof rooms located within easy walking distance of the beaches and shopping in central Cannes.

7.6 Guest Rating

Résidence Gambetta, Cannes

16Résidence Gambetta

3 star star

Address Place Du Marché Gambetta 9, Rue Jean Jaurès (Centre et Croisette)

Situated within walking distance of the central train station in Cannes, the Residence Gambetta has twelve studio apartments on offer.

7.1 Guest Rating

Résidence Le Massena, Cannes

Address 1, avenue de Lyon (Carnot)

Le Massena is a residence offering 43 soundproof apartments located in Carnot, just a 30-minute walk from Cannes’ main Boulevard de la Croisette.

8.2 Guest Rating

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