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A&O Köln Neumarkt, Cologne

1A&O Köln Neumarkt

2 star star

Address Mauritiuswall Nr. 64-66 (Altstadt-South)

Centrally located in Cologne’s Old Town, the A&O Koln Neumarkt offers 173 non-smoking rooms.

7.0 Guest Rating

Hotel Weber, Cologne

2Hotel Weber

3 star star

Address Jahnstraße 22 (Altstadt-South)

Located near Old Town, the Hotel Weber has been around since 1957. It offers single and double rooms with basic amenities.

8.1 Guest Rating

Hotel Lyskirchen, Cologne

3Hotel Lyskirchen

4 star star

Address Filzengraben 26-32 (Altstadt-South)

The Hotel Lyskirchen is a four-star operation set in Cologne’s Old Town hood. The hotel features 106 rooms packed with amenities.

8.3 Guest Rating

Mercure Hotel Severinshof Köln City, Cologne

Address Severinstr. 199 (Altstadt-South)

The Mercure Hotel Severinshof Koln is a four-star chain hotel with lots of rooms in Cologne’s Old Town.

7.0 Guest Rating

ibis Styles Köln City, Cologne

Address Barbarossa Platz 4A (Altstadt-South)

Located on Barabarossaplatz near many of Cologne’s bars and restaurants, the three-star Ambassador Hotel offers 50 basic rooms.

7.3 Guest Rating

Rhein-Hotel St.Martin, Cologne

Address Frankenwerft 31-33 (Center: Altstadt-North)

Rhein-Hotel St. Martin offers apartment-style accommodation located on a quiet strip of the Rhine promenade in Cologne’s Old Town.

8.0 Guest Rating

Domappartement, Cologne

Address Domstraße 29 (Center: Altstadt-North)

Domappartement has seven well-stocked apartments, for short and extended stays, in Cologne’s Old Town.

8.3 Guest Rating

Hotel deLuxe, Cologne

8Hotel deLuxe

3 star star

Address Ursulagartenstr. 26 (Center: Altstadt-North)

The three-star Hotel deLuxe is a simple, family-run place on the north side of town; it offers single and double rooms equipped with flat-screen TVs as well as other amenities.

7.2 Guest Rating

CityClass Hotel CAPRICE AM DOM (Superior), Cologne

Address Auf dem Rothenberg 7-9 / Eisenmarkt (Center: Altstadt-North)

The four-star CityClass Hotel Caprice Am Dom sits in Eisenmarkt Square in central Cologne.

8.0 Guest Rating

CityClass Hotel Residence am Dom, Cologne

Address Alter Markt 55 (Center: Altstadt-North)

The three-star CityClass Hotel Residence Am Dom is situated in the Alter Markt in Cologne’s Old Town. Each of 56 rooms is well equipped.

8.0 Guest Rating

Hotel im Kupferkessel, Cologne

Address Probsteigasse 6 (Center: Altstadt-North)

A family-run hotel located in Neustadt, the Hotel Im Kupferkessel offers singles with shared or private bathroom facilities and private doubles.

8.7 Guest Rating

Altstadthotel und Apartments Hayk, Cologne

Address Frankenwerft 9 (Center: Altstadt-North)

Located on the Rhine River promenade, the Hotel Hayk offers six double rooms in a central location.

6.5 Guest Rating

Hotel Windsor, Cologne

13Hotel Windsor

3 star star

Address Von-Werth-Str. 36-38 (Center: Altstadt-North)

The three-star Hotel Windsor offers 29 soundproof rooms located in Cologne’s Old Town.

7.1 Guest Rating

Hotel La Isla, Cologne

14Hotel La Isla

2 star star

Address Eintrachtstr. 4 (Center: Altstadt-North)

The two-star Hotel La Isla, with eight basic rooms, sits on the north side of Cologne’s Old Town.

6.7 Guest Rating

Hotel Müller Köln (Superior), Cologne

Address Brandenburger Str. 20 (Center: Altstadt-North)

The two-star Hotel Muller Koln is located on the northern side of Cologne’s Old Town and is close to the Dom and the central train station.

8.2 Guest Rating

Hotel Drei Kronen, Cologne

16Hotel Drei Kronen

3 star star

Address Auf dem Brand 6 (Center: Altstadt-North)

The 20-room Hotel Drei Kronen is situated near the Cologne Philharmonic in the center of the city.

8.6 Guest Rating

Hotel Brandenburger Hof, Cologne

Address Brandenburger-Str. 2-4 (Center: Altstadt-North)

The three-star Hotel Brandenburger Hof offers simple rooms with or without private bathrooms close to Cologne’s Cathedral.

8.6 Guest Rating

Gir Keller Gästehaus, Cologne

Address Lintgasse 14 (Center: Altstadt-North)

Situated next to the Groß St. Martin church, the Gir Keller Gästehaus offers proximity to all of central Cologne’s main attractions.

8.0 Guest Rating

Hotel Merian, Cologne

19Hotel Merian

3 star star

Address Allerheiligenstr. 17 (Center: Altstadt-North)

Located smack-dab in the center of Cologne, the Hotel Merian offers 31 rooms with amenities.

8.1 Guest Rating

Hotel Domspatz, Cologne

20Hotel Domspatz

3 star star

Address An den Dominikanern 1 (Center: Altstadt-North)

Located near the Cologne Cathedral and (of course) the Dome, the Hotel Domspatz is a central three-star operation.

7.5 Guest Rating

Hotel Skada City Cölln, Cologne

Address Constantinstraße 78 (Messe)

Hotel Skada City Colln is a two-star style property that's located in Messe, just a ten-minute walk across the Rhine River from Colonge’s Old Town.

7.7 Guest Rating

Cityhotel Storch, Cologne

Address Gladbacher Straße 32 (Neustadt-North)

A budget hotel located near Cologne’s Central Station, the City Hotel Storch offers basic facilities.

7.1 Guest Rating

Park Inn by Radisson Köln Belfortstraße, Cologne

Address Belfortstr. 9 (Neustadt-North)

The Park Inn Köln Belfortstrasse is a four-star place that's located on the north side of Cologne near the banks of the Rhine. Cologne's main attractions are situated just a few blocks away.

8.2 Guest Rating

Berg, Cologne


1 star star

Address Brandenburger Straße 6 (Neustadt-North)

The 19-room Hotel Berg sits on the north side of Cologne near the Rhine River. Inside, you’ll find one-star singles and doubles with or without a private bathroom.

7.3 Guest Rating


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MEININGER Hotel Cologne City Center, Cologne

Address Engelbertstrasse 33-35 (Neustadt-South)

Centrally located near Stadtgarten Park in Cologne’s Old Town, the Meininger City Hostel & Hotel Koln has 52 rooms on offer.

7.4 Guest Rating

Hotel ELITE an der Universität, Cologne

Address Meister-Gerhard-Str. 26 (Neustadt-South)

Situated near Cologne’s university, the two-star Hotel Elite offers 24 rooms equipped with basic amenities.

7.5 Guest Rating

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