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Starting just above the Liffey, Gardiner Street shoots north from the Custom House, a behemoth of an 18th-century building located near Butt Bridge and across the water from Trinity College. It eventually becomes residential (and a little run-down), but the lower portion is populated almost entirely by hotels and B&Bs. Although not particularly scenic, Gardiner Street Lower offers proximity to the Henry Street and O’Connell Street shopping areas and to Dublin's main train stations.

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Globetrotters Tourist Hostel, Dublin

Address 46/48 Lr Gardiner Street,Dublin 1 (Gardiner Street Lower)

A hostel with style? Yes folks, it's possible. Globetrotters Hostel, with its 260 beds, is cut of a different cloth.

8.7 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Isaacs Hostel Dublin, Dublin

Address 2 Frenchman's Lane (Gardiner Street Lower)

It's obvious before one even enters the conveniently located Isaacs Hostel that this former wine cellar and warehouse is a favorite with travelers the world over.

8.1 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
The Anchor Guesthouse, Dublin

Address 49 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

The 22-room Anchor Guesthouse, situated at the south end of Lower Gardiner Street's hotel hub, features a subtle nautical theme.

8.1 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Beresford Hotel, Dublin

4Beresford Hotel

3 star star

Address Store Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

Conveniently placed adjacent to Dublin’s bus terminal, the Beresford is an easy pick for its location as well as its solid rooms and often reasonable rates.

8.0 Guest Rating

The Townhouse Hotel, Dublin

Address 47/48 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

Situated at the south end of Lower Gardiner Street, this unique 80-room bed-and-breakfast located near Connolly Station has personality to spare.

8.0 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hazelbrook House, Dublin

Address 85 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

Staying at the Hazelbrook House, one of the many centrally located guesthouses on Lower Gardiner Street, is a bit like staying at the home of a fastidiously clean, though aesthetically indifferent, aunt.

7.4 Guest Rating

Adelphi Guesthouse, Dublin

Address 67-68 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

The Adelphi Hotel has a great location on Lower Gardiner Street and offers 34 rooms at very reasonable rates.

7.4 Guest Rating

Abbot Lodge, Dublin

Address 87/88 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

The brown brick Abbott Lodge has a pleasant, homey atmosphere inside.

6.9 Guest Rating

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