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Editor's Pick
Dergvale Hotel, Dublin

1Dergvale Hotel

2 star star

Address 4, Gardiner Place (Gardiner Street Upper)

The Dergvale Hotel, offering 20 rooms in the Upper Gardiner part of town, falls into that subcategory of hotels we consider to be especially appealing to a fussy aunt or uncle.

7.5 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Harding Hotel, Dublin

2Harding Hotel

2 star star

Address Fishamble Street (Around Christ Church Cathedral)

Well over half of the Harding Hotel's rooms offer stellar views of beautiful Christ Church Cathedral, which is just across the street.

8.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Beresford Hotel, Dublin

3Beresford Hotel

3 star star

Address Store Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

Conveniently placed adjacent to Dublin’s bus terminal, the Beresford is an easy pick for its location as well as its solid rooms and often reasonable rates.

8.0 Guest Rating

Dublin City Inn Talbot Street, Dublin

Address 95/98 Talbot Street (North Quays)

Sure, it's a chain, but the Days Inn Talbot Street has a friendly staff and a convenient location.

7.6 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Paramount Hotel, Dublin

5Paramount Hotel

3 star star

Address Essex Gate & Exchange Street (Around Christ Church Cathedral)

The 70-room Paramount Hotel, located just south of the Liffey, has everything tourists want in accommodation, and the rates show it.

8.2 Guest Rating

Maldron Hotel Parnell Square, Dublin

Address Granby Row, Parnell Square (Parnell Square)

Located a full block from Parnell Square, the three-star Maldron Hotel Parnell Square offers 105 standard rooms and an aesthetically interesting hodgepodge.

8.4 Guest Rating

Jurys Inn Christchurch, Dublin

Address Christchurch Place (Around Christ Church Cathedral)

Part of a chain of hotels spanning Ireland and the U.K., the Jurys Inn offers reliable three-star surrounds and service with all the usual amenities.

7.7 Guest Rating

Ashfield House Hostel, Dublin

Address 19/20 D'Olier Street (Temple Bar & Trinity College)

The Ashfield House, located in close proximity to Temple Bar, is another of Dublin's hostel/hotel hybrids.

8.1 Guest Rating

The Four Courts Hostel, Dublin

Address 15 - 17 Merchant's Quay (Around Christ Church Cathedral)

The Four Courts Hostel is the kind of high quality hostel we dig. With 236 beds in all, it's clean and features spacious lounges on two floors.

8.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Abbey Court, Dublin

Address 29 Bachelors Walk (North Quays)

The Abbey Court is located right off the O'Connell Bridge on Bachelor's Walk, placing it just across the water from the safe (yet somewhat noisy) Temple Bar area.

8.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Barnacles Temple Bar House, Dublin

Address 19 Temple Lane South (Temple Bar & Trinity College)

ne of Dublin’s best-known hostels, Barnacles sits at the epicenter of Temple Bar. The epicenter. An earthquake centered on the world’s Irish pubs would rip the earth open in this precise site.

8.5 Guest Rating

Kinlay House Dublin, Dublin

Address 2/12 Lord Edward Street (Around Christ Church Cathedral)

Located across the street from Christ Church Cathedral and Dublin Castle, the Kinlay House is one well-placed hostel, offering budget beds within minutes of the rollicking Temple Bar scene.

8.4 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Jacobs Inn Dublin, Dublin

Address 21 - 28 Talbot Place (North Quays)

The Jacobs Inn is a mammoth hostel, cramming 420 beds into its 69 rooms. Location, a stone’s throw from Dublin’s main bus terminal, is an easy 15-minute walk to Temple Bar.

8.4 Guest Rating

Oliver St. John Gogarty's Hostel, Dublin

Address Anglesea Street, Temple Bar (Temple Bar & Trinity College)

Named after one of Dublin's most famous historical figures, this Fleet Street hostel, which used to be a bank, is now cashing in on the backpacker and budget traveler vibe.

7.7 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Globetrotters Tourist Hostel, Dublin

Address 46/48 Lr Gardiner Street,Dublin 1 (Gardiner Street Lower)

A hostel with style? Yes folks, it's possible. Globetrotters Hostel, with its 260 beds, is cut of a different cloth.

8.7 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Isaacs Hostel Dublin, Dublin

Address 2 Frenchman's Lane (Gardiner Street Lower)

It's obvious before one even enters the conveniently located Isaacs Hostel that this former wine cellar and warehouse is a favorite with travelers the world over.

8.1 Guest Rating

Marian Guest House, Dublin

Address 21 Upper Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Upper)

The Marian Guesthouse is a cute 16-room B&B situated among a cluster of similar little inns along quiet Upper Gardiner Street.

8.0 Guest Rating

Avalon House, Dublin

Address 55 Aungier Street (St. Stephen's Green)

With 281 beds, Avalon House is a big joint hostel/hotel facility. Its architectural grandeur, convenient location and professional management all make the Avalon a fine budget option.

8.2 Guest Rating

Abbot Lodge, Dublin

Address 87/88 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

The brown brick Abbott Lodge has a pleasant, homey atmosphere inside.

6.9 Guest Rating

Adelphi Guesthouse, Dublin

Address 67-68 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

The Adelphi Hotel has a great location on Lower Gardiner Street and offers 34 rooms at very reasonable rates.

7.4 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
The Charles Stewart, Dublin

Address 5/6 Parnell Square East (Parnell Square)

The Charles Stewart's surprisingly low-priced rooms make this one frugal find, especially since it's located right across the street from historic Parnell Square.

8.2 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hazelbrook House, Dublin

Address 85 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

Staying at the Hazelbrook House, one of the many centrally located guesthouses on Lower Gardiner Street, is a bit like staying at the home of a fastidiously clean, though aesthetically indifferent, aunt.

7.4 Guest Rating

Clifden Guesthouse B&B, Dublin

Address 32 Gardiner Place (Gardiner Street Upper)

The Clifden's 15 immaculate rooms and high-ceilinged hallways suggest a romantic Georgian past.

7.1 Guest Rating

The Townhouse Hotel, Dublin

Address 47/48 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

Situated at the south end of Lower Gardiner Street, this unique 80-room bed-and-breakfast located near Connolly Station has personality to spare.

8.0 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
The Anchor Guesthouse, Dublin

Address 49 Lower Gardiner Street (Gardiner Street Lower)

The 22-room Anchor Guesthouse, situated at the south end of Lower Gardiner Street's hotel hub, features a subtle nautical theme.

8.1 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Trinity College Dublin, Dublin

Address Nassau Street (Temple Bar & Trinity College)

Rooms are student dormitories and, as such, provide surprise-free furnishings without televisions or telephones, though many are equipped with kitchenettes.

8.1 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Waterloo House, Dublin

Address 8-10 Waterloo Road (Around Dublin)

Just outside of Dublin's city center, the Waterloo House is the perfect place for a quieter, mature crowd.

8.4 Guest Rating

Eliza Lodge Temple Bar, Dublin

Address 23/24 Wellington Quay, Corner of Eustace St (Temple Bar & Trinity College)

The spic-and-span Eliza Lodge is a sleek modern building poised on the edge of Wellington Quay and overlooking the Millennium Bridge.

7.9 Guest Rating

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