EuroCheapo's Guide to Cheap Hotels in Europe

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New EuroCheapo Flights helps you find Cheapo airfares around Europe!

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We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new guide to budget flights in Europe.

With European low-cost airlines like Ryanair and easyJet, you can fly between European cities for very low prices. Ryanair, for instance, regularly offers tickets around Europe for less than £1 (plus airport taxes).

However, you won't find many of these airlines on major flight search engines. Why? Because you need to book the flights directly with the airline for the cheapest fare.

So how can you find out which budget airlines fly where? EuroCheapo Flights, of course! Simply, use our route finder to search budget carriers, compare prices on their websites, and then book directly with them for the lowest price.

Then find out which budget carrier flies between the cities

With our new budget flights guide, you can:
    — View flight times. We'll show you departure and arrival times for the major budget carriers.
    — Check prices. We link directly to airline websites, where you'll find the lowest rates.

Test out EuroCheapo Flights and see how affordable it is to fly around Europe!

Happy flying!

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