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April 19, 2007

What's New: Yes, We've had Work Done

After the January site makeover we were addicted. (Now we know how Cher must feel!)

In February we added our new and fabulous blog to the site. Our 20-plus correspondents and fearless leader Alex crank out great posts daily. We've got the scoop on events and trends, we've got a nose for deals, we've got reports on quirky, crazy happenings. In short, the blog's got it all.

Because we didn't want the rest of the site to feel neglected, we bulked up our city list, too, taking Salzburg live on March 1. Our list of 25 handpicked hotels is stocked with gems. Plus, our Salzburg city guide is full of ways to do the "City von Trapp" the Cheapo way.

Sit down for tea and travel talk with our grandma.

Spotlight: Travel Gram

Grandmothers are great, always there for doting, wisdom, and treats. Here at EuroCheapo we have our own resident grandmother, Eileen Detlefsen, who is great at all of the above. What's more, she travels! Would you expect anything less from a EuroCheapo Grandmother?

Enter the Travel Gram, our new regular feature where Eileen dishes on her travel experiences and relates intergenerational travel thoughts.

Read about the therapeutic potential of travel or get tips on learning a language abroad.

And stay tuned. Eileen's got much more wisdom to dispense. A new "Travel Gram" column is coming this week!

Mystery Photo: Name this city!

Look at all the tiny ant people.
This busy street is in which EuroCheapo city? (Bonus points if you can guess where we were to get such a great bird's eye view.) Answer.

What's Next: Hotels, Hotels, and More Hotels

Meet Us in Seville: Elizabeth Gorman, our diligent Madrid-based hotel hunter, set off last month to dig for deals in Don Juan's city. Look for EuroCheapo Seville to launch in early May!

La Dolce Vita: Our jet-setting Rome correspondent Annie is at it again. She's just returned from Florence this week, having scouted out the new and the great in the Firenze hotel scene.

Mini-Survey: Best Springtime City

We are psyched for the onset of spring and everything it brings: picnics, hikes, outdoor cafés. Bliss. But where? Everyone loves Paris in the spring time, but we are all about the underdogs.

Question: Which of the following is your favorite springtime city? (We left Paris out to give the others a chance.)

Hotel Crush : Hotel Dali
Florence, Italy
Doubles € 65-85 We heart the Hotel Dali in Florence

We saw so many ho-hum pensions before stumbling upon the 10-room Hotel Dali that seeing it was an almost surreal experience. (Drums, please!)

The rooms are fantastic, the owners are fabulous, the charming furniture is hand-painted, and the prices are rock-bottom. Add the Dali's central location to this list of accolades, and you have to wonder: Why on earth is this hotel not listed in all the major guidebooks? Hello!

»  read our review  |  All hotels in Florence
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As always, we need your feedback! Which cities would you like us to add? Which features would you like to see us develop? Do you agree or disagree with any of our reviews? Anything else to say?

Drop us a line. And if you haven't yet, be sure to take our new website design survey.

Obrigado, Cheapos, and Servus! See you next month!

Alex, Annie, Kari, Laura, Miranda, Pete, Suzanne, Tiffany, T.J., Tom, & Vivien