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The Holidays: Take Two!
December 6, 2007

Santa's sleigh may be on its way, but we're only dreaming about post-holiday bargain trips. With nightly rates in European cities dropping in January, we suggest starting 2008 with a getaway plan.

On Dasher, on Prancer, on Cheapo!

January: 'Twas The Trip After Christmas...

Using CheapoSearch, we found these great rates, for our editor's picks, in mid-January*:

1) Lisbon, Americano Residence, €35

2) New York, The Chelsea Star Hotel, €38

3) Rome, Hotel Louisiana, €59

4) London, The Reem Hotel, €63

5) Paris, Au Royal-Cardinal, €70

*Prices and availability subject to change. Above rates are based on a CheapoSearch conducted on December 5 for January 18-20, 2008.

Miracles on 34th Street

New York is cheaper than ever at the start of a new year when hotels drop their rates, retailers put on huge sales, and theater tickets become available again!

Start spreadin' the news about our guide to budget hotels in New York!

North Pole Movie Poll

Question:What's your favorite holiday film?
Mystery Photo: What city is this?

Noel, Noel!
After a day of shopping, you might hunch back.
Hint: They got 'kozy this year. Answer

Cheapo Workshop

You won't find any of Santa's elves here in our New York offices, although Oliver, our cat, likes to wear pointy felt shoes. Our updates:

  • Vienna Goes Live! Thanks to the hard work of Cheapo-in-residence Alex Basek, we overhauled our Vienna listings.

  • Become our friend on Facebook... it's all we want for Christmas! See photos, videos, and write on our wall!

  • Flying high! Our budget flights section is getting a makeover. That means more routes, more deals, and less sleep for our features editor. Give it one last look before take-off!

EC Blog: It's a Wonderful Site

No matter where you globetrot, you can always check in to find the latest budget buzz and travel tips on the EuroCheapo blog.

From a recent post about cheap castle stays in Austria:

"Castle accommodations arenít usually Cheapo territory, which is why we were overjoyed to find multiple listings for rooms under Ä100/night, as well as several castles with rooms for far, far less. Most rooms are under €100." read post


No matter where you spend your holiday (or post-holiday), we send you season's greetings and warm wishes for a New Year full of safe, happy, and cheap travels! See you in 2008!

Feliz Navidad, joyeux NoŽl, Cheapos, and Happy Hannukah!

Alex, Annie, H'Rina, Kari, Meredith, Pete, Raul, Suzanne, and Tom

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