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January 25, 2007

What's New: Eins, Zwei, Relaunch!

In December, EuroCheapo launched a new version of our site. We couldn't be more pleased. We love looking at ourselves right now. A lot! (Wait, is that weird?)

What changed? First of all, there's the look. We're now streamlined, stylish, and funky. Like you.

Beyond aesthetics, our overhauled site provides visitors with new search capabilities. You can sort hotel reviews by "Editor's Favorites" and see which hotels we love beyond reason. Or, you can view listings by star ratings, location, or price.

We've also added many more photos to the reviews, offering up to five peeks of each hotel. (Sometimes we get a little crazy with our shots. You would, too, if you had to squeeze five shots out of one bedroom!)

Lastly, we've integrated a Google mapping feature so you can see exactly where a hotel is located.

Skating ain't free, but it's iconic.

Spotlight: Free Tours in New York City

We've got a knack for picking 'em. Interns, that is. Laura Kerns, our Fall 2006 editorial intern, wrote this bang-up guide to free tours in New York City.

Learn how you can swing free tours of the Federal Reserve Bank, Grand Central Station, Times Square, the Brooklyn Brewery, and more.

Check out Laura's fantastic article.

Mystery Photo: Name this city!

Where's this bridge? Why this hair?
These street musicians (nice hair!) are perfoming on which bridge in which EuroCheapo city? Hint: Central Europe calling.

What's Next: Salzburg, Venice, Blog!

What's next? Our fantastic correspondent Miranda Siegel just got back from Salzburg, where she exhausted herself researching hotels in the city of Mozart and the von Trapps. Expect EuroCheapo Salzburg by the end of February.

On deck: Venice, Round Two. Our intrepid Rome-based correspondent Annie is in Venice right now checking out another couple dozen hotels.

Blog Gone Hit! In February, EuroCheapo launches into the blogosphere, with Alex as editor and a stable of foreign correspondents. Our goal will be to share insider tips and daily insights into budget European hotels, transportation, hot spots, and trends.

Mini-Survey: Most Romantic City

For a little romance, some prefer cozy and cool, while others go sunny and sexy.

Question: Which of these cities do you find the most romantic?
In the News: NY Times and USA Today

We don't mean to toot our own horns, but we have this cute little box to fill, so...

On Friday, Dec.7, the day of our relaunch, EuroCheapo's Editor-in-Chief, Tom Meyers, was quoted in a budget travel story in USA Today.

On December 31, we popped up again in the New York Times in an article about budget hotel chains in Europe.

We're still blushing.
Feedback: Give It To Us

As always, we need your feedback! Which cities would you like us to add? Which features would you like to see us develop? Do you agree or disagree with any of our reviews? Are there any topics you'd like to see us tackle in future newsletters?

Drop us a line. And if you haven't yet, be sure to take our new website design survey.

Tak, Cheapos, and Do widzenia! See you next month!

Alex, Annie, Kari, Laura, Miranda, Pete, Tiffany, T.J., Tom, & Vivien