Esenboga International (ESB)

  • Distance to Ankara city center: 29 km (18
  • Low cost carriers served: 2
  • Website:

About this airport

Esenboga International Airport serves the capital city of Ankara, Turkey. The airport is named after the village of Esenboga, which literally means "healthy bull". It also serves as one of the emergency landing sites for NASA's Space Shuttle.


Esenboga International Airport is located 29 km (18 miles) outside Ankara's city center.


• Bus: Havas bus line provides transport service to and from the airport.

• Taxi: Taxis can be found outside of Arrivals and Departures Terminals. Taxis are the main form of transportation to Ankara's city center.


In the airport, there are a few cafes and restaurants, shops, a bank, and a currency exchange. Other facilities include a medical center, nursery rooms, a hair salon, and public telephones.

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