Bratislava (BTS)

About this airport

Bratislava bounced into airport consciousness with the rise of Slovak low-cost carrier SkyEurope. Very quickly, the city became a well-connected place, easy and cheap to visit. Several other low-cost carriers have followed suit. In late 2007, SkyEurope announced that it was moving quite a few of its routes from Bratislava to nearby Vienna; this may have the effect of dimming Bratislava Airport's star a bit.


Bratislava Airport is located 8 km (5 miles) outside the city center.


• Rail: There is a train connection to the Central Railway Station.

• Bus: Bus #61 connects the airport and Bratislava's main train station. The journey is about 25 minutes and a one-way ticket costs SKK18.

• Taxi: The taxi rank is located outside the Arrivals Terminal.


Information desks, public phones, and ATMs are located throughout the airport. Other services include currency exchange, cafes, restaurants, shops, and a newsstand.

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