• Distance to Valladolid city center: 12 km (7
  • Low cost carriers served: 1
  • Website: aena.es

About this airport

Valladolid International Airport has become an important factor for the social and economic development of Valladolid, the capital city of the province. A new passenger terminal was inaugurated in 2000. Its most notable features are its clean and functional design which is emphasized by numerous aesthetically pleasing elements. During recent years, with the arrival of low-cost many low cost carriers, the airport’s traffic has increased greatly, particularly in tourist and holiday flights.


Valladolid Airport is located in the municipality of Villanubla, 10 km from the province’s capital city of Valladolid in north-central Spain.


• Bus: Two of the three bus routes (to Madrid and to Leon) are served by the Alsa bus company. The trip to Madrid takes just above two hours. The third route is operated by a different company and provides service from the airport to Valladolid and Salamanca. The trip takes about an hour and 45 minutes. More information on this route can be found on the bus company’s Website. Other buses travel solely from the airport to the city center of Valladolid, there are only three of these buses per day.

• Taxi: The airport taxis can be found outside of the main terminal building.


At the airport there is a shop and a café, both of which are located in the public area in the Arrivals Hall.

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