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airberlin is Germany's second-largest airline (after Lufthansa), and the seventh largest in Europe (in passengers served). With hubs in Berlin (currently at Tegel) and Dusseldorf, airberlin is part of the Oneworld alliance and serves 174 destinations in 40 countries, including 25 destinations in Germany, plus an extensive list of destinations around the Mediterranean, Canary Islands, Middle East and the Americas.

The airline's fleet consists of 134 aircraft, which have an average age of five years. It's among the most modern and eco-efficient in Europe.

airberlin offers quite a few perks. First off, it doles out complimentary snacks and drinks on flights, a practice that is close to unheard of in the low-cost world, as well as free magazines and newspapers. The airline also runs a frequent flyer program, topbonus. The airline tends to fly to primary airports and fills up with far more business travelers than your average airline.


Flying with airberlin is, on the whole, a pleasant experience. Excellent meal service. Touch-screen tablet entertainment systems in economy.


We're still waiting for the airline's new Berlin hub to be finished. (Which, obviously, isn't airberlin's fault. We're just sayin'...)


• Carry-on: One item up to 8 kg, excluding laptop (10 kg including laptop).

• Checked: Baggage allowances vary depending on the type of ticket you purchase. The cheapest (the JustFly ticket) permits no free baggage, with the first item up to 23 kg costing €15 if booked online and €30 if booked at the airport. Each subsequent item is charged €50. FlyDeal and FlyClassic tickets waive the fee for the first item, and charge €50 for each additional piece of baggage. FlyFlex passengers get two items up to 23 kg for free.

Any luggage weighing over 23 kg (up to 32 kg) is charged €100. Business class passengers get 2 items of luggage up to 32kg free.

* Please visit airberlin’s website for more information on its baggage policy.


Seats can be reserved at time of purchase or via airberlin's Service Center (telephone from the US: 866-266-5588) until 48 hours before the departure of the flight. You can also reserve a seat with more legroom (with conditions depending on the fare category booked).

The cost of reserving a seat on a short-haul or medium-haul flight is €10 per person, per flight segment and €15 per person for a long-haul flight. Seat reservations are free of charge for families with infants and for the severely disabled and an accompanying person. If you have a topbonus Card Silver/Gold/Platinum or a topbonus Service Card, seat reservations are free of charge for you, as well as for one adult traveling companion and any children under 12 traveling with you.

The reservation of an "XL" seat costs €20 per person for each flight segment on a short- or medium-haul flight and €60 on a long-haul flight (€10/€45 for holders of a topbonus Card Silver and topbonus Service Card). For holders of a topbonus Card Gold and one adult traveling companion the reservation is free of charge.

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