Pensione Ottaviani

Piazza Ottaviani 1, Florence, Italy

Pensione Ottaviani, Florence

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Doubles from: $54 to $86

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The Pensione Ottaviani, conveniently located near Piazza Santa Maria Novella, did little to change its layout when it took over the space from Saint Paolino Hospital. Long, wide corridors are lined with 20 small, simple rooms and even smaller, simpler bathrooms, providing basic accommodation at matching low rates.

Rooms are quite dorm-like, in 1970s shades of yellow and blue, with minimalist bed frames and shelving. Artwork is for the most part absent, as are in-room amenities—each room has a ceiling fan, and that’s about it. Most rooms have sinks or showers. Bathrooms themselves feature a bit of wear and tear, but they're modern and functional.

The pension occupies the second floor, so there's plenty of light streaming in, which brightens up the wood paneling. We're not handing out any awards to the Pensione Ottaviani for interior decoration, but service, a nice nightly rate and convenient location make this a pretty package.

Breakfast is available for an additional charge.

Note: This hotel was visited by a EuroCheapo editor. This review is based on cleanliness, location, price and overall quality. EuroCheapo did not charge this hotel to be listed.



  • Breakfast Included
  • Elevator
  • Reception: 24-Hour


  • Bathroom: Private
  • Safe


Piazza Ottaviani 1
Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy

+39 055 239 6223
Fax: +39 055 293 3355


About the Pensione Ottaviani neighborhood

Across the street from the train station, the area around Piazza Santa Maria Novella is perhaps the most varied neighborhood in the city. The dingier urban streets leading to the station get a lot of traffic while the other side of the grassy Piazza is quiet. Bordered by the river, the train station and the shopping street Via Tornabuoni, one thing is for sure: once you're here, you're no more than ten-minutes away from anything else.

Pensione Ottaviani, Florence
Pensione Ottaviani, Florence
Pensione Ottaviani, Florence

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