Cheap hotels near Museo di San Marco in Florence, Italy

The Museo di San Marco, located in the Convent of San Marco, is an impressive museum located inside the San Marco complex of religious buildings.

The museum houses a major collection of work by Fra Angelico, one of the former residents of the convent and a masterful painter. In addition, San Marco offers a library with a vast collection of manuscripts.

The on-site convent, which is of Dominican origin, was consecrated and founded in 1436, although most of the buildings were later constructed during the 16th and 17th centuries. (Savonarola, the feisty Dominican friar who denounced Renaissance extravagance, was also a resident of the convent.)

For tickets and exhibits, visit the museum’s Web site.

Hotels near Museo di San Marco: Staying in San Marco is a snap with our hotel picks below. Choose from B&Bs to reasonably priced three-stars.

Editor's Pick
Hotel Sampaoli, Florence

Address Via San Gallo 14 (San Lorenzo)

It's a hike up to the one-star Hotel Sampaoli's 12 eclectic rooms, but the vibe is friendly—and the rates friendlier.




Antica Dimora Firenze, Florence

Address Via San Gallo 72 Nero (San Marco)

On a quiet street near the University of Florence, the Antica Dimora is a B&B to swoon over.

8.7 Guest Rating




Hotel Enza, Florence

Address Via San Zanobi 45 (San Lorenzo)

The 16-room Hotel Enza offers a familial brand of comfort in the heart of Florence. Its great rates seal the deal.

7.8 Guest Rating




Editor's Pick
Cimabue, Florence

Address Via B. Lupi 7 (San Marco)

The three-star Hotel Cimabue offers peaceful and elegant accommodations in a quiet residential area north of the tourist center.

7.0 Guest Rating




Editor's Pick
Caravaggio, Florence

Address Piazza Indipendenza 5 (San Lorenzo)

The three-star Hotel Caravaggio is a classy affair with low rates on Piazza Indipendenza.

8.2 Guest Rating




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