Cheap hotels near Piazza della Signoria in Florence, Italy

Known as the political hub of the city, the Piazza della Signoria is home to the Palazzo Vecchio, the city’s town hall, and is within easy walking distance of the Duomo and many other major city sights.

On a typical day the town square buzzes with activity. Tourists and locals alike meet here to make plans or just to admire the historic buildings that line the piazza. Worth checking out: The open-air sculpture garden that is the Loggia dei Lanzi (sometimes referred to as "Loggia della Signoria") at one end of the square. At the entrance of the Palazzo Vecchio there’s a copy of Michelangelo’s David sculpture. (Remember, the original is at the Accademia Galleria.)

Hotels near Piazza della Signoria: We recommend mostly hotels in the super central Duomo neighborhood. You can also check nearby in Santa Croce for even more reasonably-priced options.

B&B Olga's House, Florence

Address Via Calimaruzza 4 (Duomo)

Olga's House, located just steps from the Uffizi, is home to five fresh and clean budget rooms.

8.3 Guest Rating




Hotel Cristina, Florence

Address Via Della Condotta N.4 (Duomo)

The one-star Hotel Cristina offers hotel-style rooms—at hostel-style rates—in a convenient location bretween the Uffizi and Duomo.

7.5 Guest Rating




Editor's Pick
Cimatori, Florence

Address Via Dante Alighieri 14 (Duomo)

Located in the heart of town just around the corner from the Duomo, Cimatori wins big for quiet, convenience, and a down-home feel.

8.6 Guest Rating




Dei Mori Bed & Breakfast, Florence

Address Via Dante Alighieri 12 (Duomo)

Spend a few hours on Dei Mori Bed & Breakfast's sun-swept balcony or in the parlor, and it quickly begins to feel more like a home than a hotel.



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Editor's Pick
Albergo Firenze, Florence

Address Piazza Donati 4 (Via del Corso) (Duomo)

Though simple, Albergo Firenze features friendly staff, great common spaces, a stupendous location and low nightly rates.

7.6 Guest Rating




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