Cheap hotels near Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest and most famous (and most photographed... and most proposed upon...) bridge in town. Its stones date from Medieval times and it arches over the Arno River linking Florence’s Old Center with Oltrarno at the river’s narrowest point.

The bridge is believed to have been built during Roman times and is first referenced in a document from the 900’s. Back in the day, butchers occupied the shops along the Ponte. Today, however, the bridge bustles with an array of shops hawking everything from jewelry and art to souvenirs.

Hotels near Ponte Vecchio: Too bad you can stay on “ponte,” but we get you close with our listed picks below. Almost all of these hotels are in the neighborhood surrounding the Duomo, and are within easy walking distance of most of Florence's central sights.

Hotel Alessandra, Florence

Address Borgo SS Apostoli 17 (Duomo)

The 27-room, two-star Hotel Alessandra is located on the edge of the Santa Maria Novella neighborhood and is minutes from the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio.

8.9 Guest Rating




B&B Olga's House, Florence

Address Via Calimaruzza 4 (Duomo)

Olga's House, located just steps from the Uffizi, is home to five fresh and clean budget rooms.

8.3 Guest Rating




Hotel Scoti, Florence

Address Via Tornabuoni 7 (Duomo)

Hotel Scoti is imbued with a rustic, elegant ambiance and a relaxed atmosphere, and on the chicest street in town, to boot.

8.5 Guest Rating




Hotel Bretagna, Florence

Address Lungarno Corsini 6 (Santa Maria Novella)

Centrally located between the Ponte Vecchio and Santa Maria Novella, the building that houses the 18-room Bretagna has been converted from a glorious palazzo.

8.4 Guest Rating




Hotel Cristina, Florence

Address Via Della Condotta N.4 (Duomo)

The one-star Hotel Cristina offers hotel-style rooms—at hostel-style rates—in a convenient location bretween the Uffizi and Duomo.

7.5 Guest Rating




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