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Cheap hotels in Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt

This neighborhood located to the south of the Main River and the city center is home to Frankfurt’s “museum mile,” including the Städel Museum, the German Film Museum, and the German Architecture Museum. You’ll also find the Südbahnhof (south train station). It’s a short walk across the river to the city center from here.

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Hotel am Berg, Frankfurt

Address Grethenweg 23 (Sachsenhausen)

Situated in an old world villa, the eccentric Hotel am Berg is a truly special establishment, where each room represents an era in the evolution of post-war German aesthetics.

8.3 Guest Rating



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Haus der Jugend, Frankfurt

Address Deutschherrnufer 12 (Sachsenhausen)

Situated on the river and flanked by grand museums, Frankfurt’s official Hostelling International hostel, Haus der Jugend (or DJH Hostel), is a 400-bed bohemoth that offers clean accommodations at low rates.

7.1 Guest Rating



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Kautz, Frankfurt

Address Gartenstraße 17 (Sachsenhausen)

Situated in the heart of the upscale Sachsenhausen neighborhood, the family-run Hotel Kautz is a three-star gem combining a convenient location with familial attention.

7.9 Guest Rating



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