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Hotel Rossija, Frankfurt

Address Moselstr. 46-48 (Bahnhofsviertel)

The three-star Hotel Rossija is not the most charming hotel, but it does offer a warm place to rest and a solid included breakfast at good rates.

6.2 Guest Rating




Editor's Pick
Kautz, Frankfurt

Address Gartenstraße 17 (Sachsenhausen)

Situated in the heart of the upscale Sachsenhausen neighborhood, the family-run Hotel Kautz is a three-star gem combining a convenient location with familial attention.

7.9 Guest Rating




Hotel Continental, Frankfurt

Address Baselerstr. 56 (Bahnhofsviertel)

Situated at the juncture of several street car lines, the no-frills Hotel Continental is affordable and convenient, if not exactly quiet.

7.2 Guest Rating




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