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Expect to Spend: Geneva

Geneva is one expensive city. But with a little bit of careful planning it is possible to get a taste of Geneva’s brand of Swiss sophistication without breaking the, um, franc. » read more

Geneva Budget Tips

Yes, Geneva is expensive, but many of its sights are cheap, or even free. We'll tell you how to navigate costs in pricey Geneva and how to get the most for your franc. » read more

Geneva Hotel Overview

Is it possible to find a suitable budget hotel in expensive Geneva? We'll set the Geneva hotel scene here, telling you what you'll pay and what to expect. » read more

Getting Around Geneva

Getting around Geneva is a breeze—and free! Read on for everything you need to know. » read more

Getting Into Geneva

Geneva is an international center and the transportation hub for most of French-speaking Switzerland. This translates to very easy access into and out of the city. Here's how to do it. » read more

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Welcome to Geneva

Set on the banks of azure Lake Geneva, stately Geneva quintessential Switzerland: sleek, efficient and diplomatic. Like the jewels in its high-end boutiques, this historic city sparkles.

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