Genoa neighborhoods

Historical Center

Genova's historic center is located within the small winding streets that sit on the east side of the main port. Piazze del Ferrari is considered the nucleus of the area. Here tourists can find Museo dell'Accademia Ligustica di Belle Arte and Teatro Carlo Felice.

A tourist information center is located within Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, just west of Ferrari. Many restaurants can be found around Via di Porta and museums line Via Garibaldi.

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Nervi is a quaint seaside town four miles east of downtown Genova. The large Villa Groppalo park features a modern art museum and Wolfsoniana features sculptures and period rooms. Nervi is five train station stops from central Genova.

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Porto Nuovo

Porto Nuovo is the business center of Genova. Run-down in the 1970s, the port area has improved since the Expo of 1992 when much funding was spent to lend old buildings facelifts and in order to build entirely new glass and steel structures. The area is easily accessible to downtown with public transportation and by foot.

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Portoria is the area hugging the east and north sides of Genova's historical center. The streets are wider and further apart than they are in the oldest part of town. In the eastern section of Portotia, a tourism center is located on Piazza della Vittoria, near the city's main bus terminal.

Catch a show just west of the Piazza and along Via Luigi Cadona at the FNAC and buy a CD from local violin great Niccoli Paganini at Ricordi Mediastore.

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