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Situated to the northeast of city center, on the hilltop opposite the Alhambra, the Albaycín is a labyrinth of ancient, narrow (and hilly!) cobblestoned alleyways and secret nooks and patios that guard Granada's Moorish roots. Among the area's famously whitewashed buildings you'll find teahouses and Moroccan restaurants, plus a bazaar-style shopping scene with stalls selling colorful crafts, trinkets and Moroccan tea sets.

Remnants of Moorish past include numerous churches (converted from mosques) and a portion of the original 13th-century city wall. The Archaeological Museum is also here, and it's well worth the trek to the Mirador de San Nicolas, an airy plaza with fantastic views. The Sacromonte area, to the northeast of the Albaycín, is the heart of the gypsy quarter, and its caves resonate with flamenco on most nights. Proceed with caution, though—both areas are known for petty crime, and it's easy to get lost in the maze of streets. Situated to the northeast of the city, this historic (and hilly!) Moorish neighborhood encompasses tourist attractions like . It's also just north of the Alhambra and within easy walking distance of the city center. The city's university is located just a half mile north.

Hotel Zaguán Del Darro, Granada

Address Carrera del Darro, 23 (Albaycín)

Quick Read: Named after the river, the three-star Hotel Zaguan Del Darro is located bankside, opposite from the Alhambra in central Granada.... read review

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Address Plaza Nueva N 2 Imprenta N 2, (Albaycín)

Quick Read: The three-star Hotel Plaza Nueva is located south of the Alhambra and within easy walking distance of Granada's Cathedral.... read review

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