Hamburg neighborhoods

Altona St. Pauli

Altona-Altstadt and St. Pauli are the the areas west of Neustadt (New Town), north of the Elbe River. The heart of the neighborhood is the Reeperbahn, where Hamburg's intriguing red light district comes to life and is populated with thousands of tourists each and every night.

Other fun facts? The Beatles used to play in the basement of Kaiserkeller at Grosse Freiheit #36. A fish market is located along the riverbank and at the intersection of Gross Elbe Strasse and St. Pauli Haufenstrasse.

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Altstadt (Old Town) is considered Hamburg's center and sits just north of the Elbe River. The Rathausmarkt is the heart of the neighborhood. This area is well poised for transportation almost anywhere and is close to the central train station (just east of Steintorwall ring road).

Here you can see a show at the National Banque theater, shop at the Alsterarkaden and walk across Trostbrucke, one of the city's oldest bridges.

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Hamburg Airport

The Hamburg Airport is located five miles north of Hamburg's city center. Hotels here are easily accessed by public transport.

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South of St. George and east of Old Town, tourists can discover Hammerbrook, the merchant's area of Hamburg. Hamburg's museum mile is also nearby on Steintorwall. It circles the border of Hammerbrook and Old Town.

The International Maritime Museum is at the west end of Hammerbrook while the striking glass and steel Berliner Bogen office complex sits on the east side.

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Hohenfelde is home to Hamburg's University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and its buildings. The neighborhood sits north of St. George and south of the Wandse fleet (canal) and Aussenalster Lake. The area maintains easy access to the Old Town and to Hamburg's museum mile.

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Neustadt (New Town) in Hamburg is a relative term as this neighborhood, located north of the Elbe River and west of Old Town, is the place to spot architecture and remnants of the city's past.

The Krameramtswohnungen are a row of half-timbered 17th-century houses in a small alley off Krayenkamp #10. Peterstrasse is a cobbled street featuring restored baroque houses. The Museum fur Hamburgische Geschichte features models of ships and a large-model train exhibit illustrating the city's history.

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Rotherbaum is an upscale, residential neighborhood just west of Aussenalster Lake and northeast of Hamburg's St. Pauli neighborhood. There's easy access from here to many sights, including the Planten am Blomen, Hamburg's botanical garden, just across the Bundestrasse.

The heart of Old Town is just four U-Bahn stops from the area's Hallerstrasse station.

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St. George

St. George has it all; shopping, churches and art museums. Located at the south end of Aussenalster Lake, Hamburg's Old Town is also just a short walk away. The central train station is on the area's west end between Hachmannplatz and Steintorplatz. A post office and tourist information center can be found inside the station. A hospital is located at Bulaustrasse.

In St. George too, the Hamburger Kunsthalle and the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe are within strolling distance of one another.

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