Innsbruck neighborhoods

Historical Center

The historical center of Innsbruck is the Altstadt (Old Town) located on the east side of the Inn River. The Domplatz is the main square here and features both the Hofburg castle and the cathedral of St. Jakob. A tourist information center is located at Marktgraben and Stainerstrasse.

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Hoch-Hungerburg is the area surrounding the Inn River north of Innsbruck's historic center. From its uphill position, the area offers stunning views of Innsbruck. The Alpen Zoo is north of the river and can be reached by funicular from here. A circular building at 39 Rennweg houses photographs from 20th-century travel writer Max Reisch.

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Hotting-Mariahilf is located on the west side of the Inn River, across from Innsbruck's historical center. From the nearby botanical garden, Old Town and the city's university are accessible by way of the Tiroler Street bridge.

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Innsbruck Airport

Flughafen Airport Innsbruck is located a couple of miles west of Innsbruck's historic center. The airport grounds are just south of the immense Hofwald forest.

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The residential neighborhood of Saggen-Pradl is located east of the Sill River, a mile from Innsbruck's historical center. The city's central train station is on the west side of the Sill across from the neighborhood's Stadtpark Rapoldi. Here, travelers can visit Ambras Castle. Once a fortress, Archduke Ferdinand II extended its footprint and rendered it palatial in 1564. The castle is located southeast of the neighborhood across the Brennerbahn.

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Named for the popular ski resort in the Tyrolean Alps, Tyrol is a busy, business neighborhood and home to several business-quality hotels. The area is to the east of city center.

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Wilten, a few miles southeast of central Innsbruck, is south of Burgenlandstrasse and north of the Brennera Autobahn. The Ambras Castle, and its accompanying park, is on the neighborhood's southwest side. The castle's Portraitgalerie contains portraits of members of the Hapsburg royal family while the Rustkammer holds a collection of armor and the Kunst and Wunderkammer, a favorite with tourists, is an art and wonders collection.

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