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Krakow's more modern face can be seen in the districts west of Stare Miasto. The neighborhood is far younger than Stare Miasto or Kazimierz, though a fair number of attractive 19th-century buildings also crop up. What's more, construction sites make it clear that this area of the city will continue to transform in the coming years.

Bustling ul. Karmelicka is a lively artery, with an interesting range of retail on offer. The district is wonderfully situated near the action, though is likely not where visitors will want to spend most of their time in Krakow.

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Hotel Amber, Krakow

1Hotel Amber

3 star star

Address Garbarska 10 (West of Stare Miasto)

Though Hotel Amber is not a steal, it's a good value among Krakow's small crop of stylish boutique hotels. Frankly, we're hard pressed to think of another hotel this finely designed anywhere at this reasonable a nightly rate.

9.0 Guest Rating


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Editor's Pick
Hotel Logos, Krakow

2Hotel Logos

3 star star

Address ul. Szujskiego 5 (West of Stare Miasto)

Hotel Logos gingerly straddles the line between impersonal Eastern Bloc monstrosity and quirky, retro Eastern Bloc artifact.

8.8 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Trzy Kafki Plus Hotel, Krakow

Address ul. Dolnych Mlynow 9 (West of Stare Miasto)

Barebones, baby. That's the Trzy Kafki Plus ticket. Encompassing 24 rooms on an anonymous street west of Stare Miasto, Trzy Kafki Plus is an ideal nesting place for backpackers and other budget-minded tourists.

7.2 Guest Rating


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Editor's Pick
Janexim Krakow Rooms, Krakow

Address ul. Karmelicka 11, (West of Stare Miasto)

Janexim is a funky guesthouse located just west of Stare Miasto. Encompassing 20 rooms (and an additional 10 apartments) Janexim feels more like a pension than a hostel.

7.3 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hotel Fortuna, Krakow

5Hotel Fortuna

3 star star

Address Ul. Czapskich 5 (West of Stare Miasto)

The Hotel Fortuna is a fine tourist-class hotel in a charming Central European idiom. Located in a sleepy corner of Krakow west of Stare Miasto, it's a good place for older visitors.

7.8 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Sky Hostel, Krakow

Address Dunajewskiego 6 (West of Stare Miasto)

The eight-room Sky Hostel is located through a massive courtyard on ul. Dunajewskiego, just northeast of Stare Miasto. Though not one of Krakow's best hostels, Sky benefits from its location and attractive architecture.

7.4 Guest Rating


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Hotel Fortuna Bis, Krakow

7Hotel Fortuna Bis

3 star star

Address ul. Pilsudskiego 25 (West of Stare Miasto)

The 23-room Fortuna Bis is a good, even pretty, tourist-class hotel option. Room verdict: midrange standard achieved; design points withheld.

8.1 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Kadetus Hostel, Krakow

Address Zwierzyniecka 25 (West of Stare Miasto)

Kadetus Hotel is yet another of Krakow's many friendly, slightly down-at-heel hostels. The nine-room Kadetus is located close to the action in a modern, bustling area of Krakow, west of Stare Miasto.

8.0 Guest Rating

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