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London City Guide Introduction - London, United Kingdom

Intro to London

London balances proper precision with a healthy dose of cheek. The seat of the onetime Empire may creak under the weight of history, delighting visitors and residents with innumerable hints of the past, yet the city also intoxicates with its very contemporary blend of cultures and its packs of kids so fashionable that they just might hurt you. Start with palaces, museums (many of which are free!), cool shops, and cozy pubs.

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London essentials

Expect to Spend: London

How expensive is the city on the Thames, really? We break it down for you here, telling you what you can expect to pay for a night's stay at a hotel and a meal at a restaurant. But don't leave depressed. We'll also reveal two Cheapo-friendly secrets: gastropubs and takeaways. » read more

Getting Around London

London's got a top transportation system. The Tube and the bus network blanket the city. We provide overviews of both, as well as a quick guide to transportation tickets and passes. Did you really think that we'd forgot about black cabs? Think again. » read more

Getting Into London

London's got more airports than you can shake a stick at. Count 'em: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, and London City. We'll tell you how to get into or out of London from each of them. And don't dispair. We haven't forgotten about those traveling by train! » read more

London Budget Tips

Though pricey, London is full of budget-friendly bits. We'll brief you on the location of tourist offices in London. We'll tell you what you can expect to pay to be admitted to a number of attractions, and then delight you with the news that several London museums offer free admission. » read more

London Car Rentals

Renting a car in London isn't exactly our idea of a tea party. Nonetheless, we'll tell you what you can expect to spend for a three-day economy car rental, and throw in a few words of wisdom about how to save pounds on a car rental in London. » read more

London feature stories

All About Hotels in London

London's really in its own league when it comes to hotels. What can you expect from a London hotel? Here's our overview of what you're in for!

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Cheap Eats in London

London can be a tricky city for dining. The city has undergone a gastro-awakening that has benefited the bellies, if not the wallets, of its diners. So where's a Cheapo to eat? Read on!

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Choosing the Right Neighborhood

In a city as remarkably varied as London, every neighborhood has something to offer. Here's a quick overview of which neighborhood is best for each type of traveler.

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City Buses: Getting around London

If taking the Tube makes you claustrophobic, you can always use London's city bus system. Here's a guide to getting around London on wheels.

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EuroCheapo's Budget Air Extravaganza

Catch up with those crazy EuroCheapo kids while they wing their way around Europe on budget airlines. Laugh as they sprint through airport terminals to make their flights. Marvel at their skill and concentration. Enjoy their evaluation of the aesthetics of Ryanair's headrests.

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FAQ: General London hotel questions

What will the hotel be like? Questions about elevators, smoking, bathrooms, size and more.

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London City Guide Introduction

London balances proper precision with a healthy dose of cheek. The seat of the onetime Empire may creak under the weight of history, delighting visitors and residents with innumerable hints of the past, yet the city also intoxicates with its very contemporary blend of cultures and its packs of kids so fashionable that they just might hurt you. Start with palaces, museums (many of which are free!), cool shops, and cozy pubs.

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London Day Trip: Arundel

If the Windsor Castle or the Tower of London don't quite satisfy your castle fix, head to the countryside for the charming village of Arundel and its 700 year old castle.

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London Day Trip: Brighton

The quirky seaside town of Brighton has a lot to offer for a day of fun in the sun.

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London Day Trip: Oxford

The university town by which university towns are measured, Oxford makes for an interesting—and educational—day trip.

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London Day Trips

Though it would be perfectly understandable to spend the entirety of your vacation in London, there's no stopping wanderlust. We've come up with three London daytrip suggestions: the fun beachside town of Brighton, the erudite university city of Oxford, and the quaint hillside town of Arundel.

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London Hotel Overview

Hotels in London are extremely expensive, a fact that even the most cursory visit will make clear. But how expensive? Read about what type of room you can expect to find on a range of budgets, and discover why you can't bank on a certain level of quality in any one neighborhood.

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London: Insider Info

Alex Robertson Textor visited hotels for us in London and wrote the reviews in EuroCheapo's guide to London. After his experience, we asked Alex to tell us about his experience living in London and scouting out hotels.

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One day in London

Only have one day in London? It's too short—but we'll make the most of it, with a whirlwind trip past many of the city's most impressive landmarks, galleries and sights. Put on your walking shoes!

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Other Cheap Accommodations in London

Sometimes, of course, hotels are too expensive. Here are some ideas of even cheaper acoommodation options available in London.

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Surviving Stansted

Budget traveler Adam Lefton lets us in on a few of his tips for surviving a night in Stansted. His storied advice is pretty supple, so feel free to apply it to a long overnight stay in any airport anywhere. Just keep your alter ego details straight. (See Lesson 4.)

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Taxis: Getting around London

Taxis in London don't have to be expensive. Done the right way, a cab ride can be a Cheapo-friendly option.

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The Oyster Card: Getting around London

The Oyster Card is a money-saving must-have for anyone who plans on using public transportation while in London. Here are some guidelines for using this essential travel tool.

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The Underground: Getting around London

London's Underground system, known as "The Tube" to locals and visitors alike, is a quick and easy way to get from point to point in the city.

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Walking and Biking: Getting around London

If you're not in a hurry (and depending on the weather), there's no more enjoyable way to see London than by walking or biking. Here's a guide to getting around.

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When to visit London

When are the best—and worst—times to visit London for a Cheapo? We'll explain (and tell you why you should really visit in May).

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From our London blog

Welcome to EuroCheapo, a guide to cheap hotels and budget travel in London and throughout Europe.

Our editors have inspected, photographed and reviewed inexpensive accommodation in London’s central neighborhoods in search of the very best values. Although the city isn’t the easiest for travelers on a budget, London does offer some small and inexpensive hotel options, along with lovely family-run B&Bs and some hostels that could also be a good fit.

Ready to find a hotel for your travel dates? Search in the box above to see what’s available.

Or browse through a list of our recommended hotels. All of these are located in central London, and are clean and affordable.

Keep your travel costs down

Hotels are just the beginning, of course. Click through to see a list of articles covering budget tips, including ways to save on the Tube, sightseeing, and restaurants.

And be sure to check out our London blog, which is regularly updated by Nina and Frances, our London correspondents, with ways to save and cheap and free things to do.

Thanks for visiting EuroCheapo. Together we can afford to go anywhere!

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