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Huertas or Santa Ana? The neighborhood itself doesn't seem to know. But whatever its name, one thing's certain: This tiny but central stretch of city just south of Puerta del Sol is jam-packed with people, attractions and excitement. Although digs in this popular 'hood can sometimes fall on the pricier end, there are deals to be had for travelers who crave a lively bar scene.

Also known as Barrio de las Letras (or "Neighborhood of the Letters"), it was a hot spot for literary gents of Madrid's Golden Age, and remnants of 16th- and 17th-century literary life still abound near Plaza Santa Ana. There's the Ateno, the Mueseo Cervantino, where the first edition of Don Quixote was printed, and myriad theaters and bars.

Asturias, Madrid


2 star star

Address Sevilla, 2 (Huertas & Santa Ana)

The mammoth Hotel Asturias, located one block east of Puerta del Sol, offers a whopping 175 rooms, almost all with private balconies overlooking the street.

6.8 Guest Rating

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Hotel Santander, Madrid

2Hotel Santander

2 star star

Address Echegaray, 1 (Huertas & Santa Ana)

Hotel Santander is known for its grandeur and Old World reputation— Old World, in this case, means you can forget about Internet access and cable TV.

8.1 Guest Rating


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Editor's Pick
Hotel Ingles, Madrid

3Hotel Ingles

3 star star

Address Echegaray, 8 (Huertas & Santa Ana)

The three-star Hotel Ingles is a classic choice that has managed to keep its rates low, while new matresses and fresh paint keep aging rooms pleasant.

7.9 Guest Rating


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Editor's Pick
Hostal Adriano, Madrid

Address De la Cruz, 26 4º piso (Huertas & Santa Ana)

In a building stacked with hostals in the Huertas district, the stealthily-attractive Adriano sits just waiting to be discovered for its unbeatable style and rates.

8.2 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Marlasca, Madrid

Address Cruz, 14, 2 (Huertas & Santa Ana)

Situated along Calle Cruz, two minutes from the Puerta del Sol, the Marlasca is located in "hostal central." But what makes the Marlasca different is the professional service—there's always somebody at the reception desk...

7.6 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hostal Persal, Madrid

Address Plaza del Angel, 12 (Huertas & Santa Ana)

The Hostal Persal is an 80-room Madrid classic, where an appealing minimalist aesthetic sets the tone.

7.9 Guest Rating

Hostal Tijcal I, Madrid

Address Zaragoza, 6 - 3º Dcha (Huertas & Santa Ana)

Owners Gabriel, Marcelo, and Ramon have put a lot of time, hard work, and fresh paint into their endeavor.

7.5 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hostal La Macarena, Madrid

Address Cava de San Miguel, 8 (Huertas & Santa Ana)

This cozy, tastefully decorated two-star is the perfect place for those who don't want to travel very far from their room to be near the action.

8.2 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Hostal Lisboa, Madrid

Address Ventura de la Vega, 17 (Huertas & Santa Ana)

Located between Puerta de Sol and El Museo Prado, the Lisboa is certainly clean and comfortable, thanks to the friendly proprietor.

8.1 Guest Rating

Hostal Tijcal II, Madrid

Address Cruz, 26 (Huertas & Santa Ana)

The Tijcal II isn't exactly chic, but it is cheerful. Everything is brand new, from the modern wooden furniture to the well-equipped baths.

7.4 Guest Rating


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