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Arno, Milan


1 star star

Address Via Lazzaretto 17 (Central station and Buenos Aires)

The one-star Hotel Arno is a basic but comfortable place with rock-bottom Milan rates.

7.1 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Malta, Milan


1 star star

Address Via Giovanni Ricordi (Citta' Studi)

Located a short walk from the shopping avenue Corso Buenos Aires, the one-star Hotel Malta 15 basic but comfortable rooms.

7.7 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Aurora, Milan


1 star star

Address Corso Buenos Aires 18 (Central station and Buenos Aires)

The family-run Aurora Hotel is central and affordable, with great, large bathrooms, to boot.

7.9 Guest Rating

Editor's Pick
Del Sole, Milan

4Del Sole

1 star star

Address Via G. Spontini 6 (Central station and Buenos Aires)

Situated in central Milan near the main train station, the one-star Hotel del Sole offers 17 basic rooms, some with huge balconies.

7.7 Guest Rating

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