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Cheap hotels in Schwabing, Munich

Schwabing is in the northern part of Munich and is known as the artist's quarter. It's streets are divided east to west by the main strip of Leopoldstrasse. Schwabing is characterized by its university culture and has a younger, bohemian vibe with bars and cafes at every turn.

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Cosmopolitan Hotel, Munich

Address Hohenzollernstraße 5 (Schwabing)

Located in the thick of Munich's café and boutique culture, the 71-room Hotel Cosmopolitan offers bang-for-your-buck rooms a stone’s throw from the English Gardens.

7.9 Guest Rating



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Hotel Antares, Munich

Address Amalienstrasse 20 (Schwabing)

Hotel Antares, located just north of the city center, offers 50 rooms on a charming, quiet side street.

7.8 Guest Rating



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