Cheap hotels in Vomero, Naples

Vomero is situated in the hills surrounding Villa Floridiana Park a mile northwest of the Naples' city center. The area is serviced by three funicular lines leaving from Montesanto, north of downtown, Augusteo in Plebiscito and Parco Margherita, north of Chiaia. Metros also run through the neighborhood.

Two movie theaters are located here as well as the Castel Sant'Elmo which sits near St. Martin Chapel on the east side of the "quartieri."

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Buonanotte & Buongiorno, Naples

Address Corso Vittorio Emanuele 544/9 Naples (Vomero)

The Buonanotte & Buongiorno guest house, situated in a 15th-century building in the central Naples neighborhood of Vomero, is within walking distance of the Montesanto funicular line.



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Terra Mia, Naples

Address Via Salvator Rosa 63 (Vomero)

Located just a few blocks from the Museo Nazionale in central Naples, the Terra Mia is a bed and breakfast with five soundproof rooms.



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