Casa Tonia Vittorio Emanuele 114, Naples, Italy

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Hotel's Description

The Bed & Breakfast Tonia’s House is located in Naples, in the elegant Chiaia district, a central area between the Posillipo neighborhood and Plebiscito square. The nearby Mergellina Station underground as well as the Cumana Station will allow you to easily reach the historic centre and the rest of the city. The B&B is located on the fifth floor of a 19th century building. The atmosphere is intimate and warm,ensuring you a successful stay in Naples.Content provided courtesy of the property.  The property is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.

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  • Elevator
  • Reception: 24-Hour


  • TV

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Vomero, Naples, Italy

About the Casa Tonia neighborhood

Vomero is situated in the hills surrounding Villa Floridiana Park and is a mile northwest of Old Naples. The area is serviced by three funicular lines. Metros also run through the neighborhood. Two movie theaters are located here as well as the Castel Sant'Elmo which sits near St. Martin Chapel on the east side of the "quartieri."

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