Cheap hotels near Apollo Theater in New York, United States

Situated at 125th Street in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood, the Apollo Theater is one of the oldest and most important theaters in New York City. The Apollo has seen plenty of “firsts” for big names in the music business.

Host of the weekly late-night show, “Showtime at the Apollo” (also known as “Amateur Night at the Apollo”), the theater gave a first taste of fame to stars like Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder and James Brown, among others.

Today, the tradition continues and amateurs can still perform after first going through a round of auditions. Once onstage, it’s customary for guests to rub the theater’s ceremonial log for good luck (downstage left!) before breaking into song and dance.

For ticket information and to visit the theater, check out the Apollo’s Web site.

Hotels near the Apollo: Our hotel picks near the Apollo are located closeby in the Harlem and Upper West Side neighborhood. From here, it’s easy to grab transportation and head anywhere in the city.

Editor's Pick
Harlem Flophouse, New York

Address 242 W. 123rd St. (between Frederick Douglas and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevards) (Upper West Side to Harlem)

The Harlem Flophouse is a rare bird of a guesthouse, offering four simple, eclectic guest guestrooms in a stunning Harlem brownstone.



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Editor's Pick
102 Brownstone, New York

Address 102 West 118th Street (Upper West Side to Harlem)

Located on a quiet Harlem side-street in a gorgeous brownstone, 102 Brownstone's six rooms comprise a homey Uptown nest.



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