Palermo neighborhoods

Via Roma-Vucciria

This neighborhood is south of the wide and lengthy Via Liberta-Politeama and north of Via Vittorio Emanuele. The centerpiece of the neighborhood is the Sant'Agostino monastery on the pedestrian street of the same name.

The city's cathedral, also set here, has Arab-Norman style architecture at Piazza Sett'Angeli. Its crypt and treasury are the place to see crown jewels and the extracted tooth of Santa Rosalia. The iconic Teatro Massimo is at Piazza Guiseppe Verdi.

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La Favorita

La Favorita, named for the verdant park that graces the 'hood (Parco della Favorita) is located two miles north of central Palermo and is about a 20-minute walk inland from the Mediterranean Sea. Here, travelers can also find the Palazzina Cinese concert hall and the local sports arena.

The area is accessible to downtown Naples by a local bus system. Nearby beaches are populated by both tourists and locals.

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Mondello is located on the Mediterranean shore six miles north of downtown Palermo. In fair weather, the beaches of Mondello bustle with tourists, locals and Vespas. The sandy and rocky terrain is accessible to central Palermo by way of a local bus system. For ferry and boat service to places like Genoa (Genova), travelers must first travel to downtown Palermo.

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Near Via Liberta

This mostly residential neighborhood sits on the north side of Palermo. The main strip here is the Via Liberta: a wide, leafy boulevard lined with 19th-century apartment buildings. The area is full of restaurants and offers a few Turkish baths.

The top of the lengthy Via Liberta begins just below the verdant Parco della Favorita and ends near Via Dante. A tourist information center is located on the west side of nearby Piazza Castelnuovo.

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Train Station

Unlike many other cities in Europe, Palermo's train station is local, only connecting passengers to other parts of Sicily. The ferry docks, however, do provide service to and from other parts of Italy and Europe. The train station is located on the south side of town at Piazza Giulio Cesare.

This Piazza is at the intersection of Via Lincoln and Piazza Sant'Antonino, one half mile southwest of the ferry docks in central Palermo and several blocks west of Orto Botanico.

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